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Why Your Morning Routine Should Begin Before Bed

Posted by Molly Williams on

Why Your Morning Routine Should Begin Before Bed by  Molly Williams

I’ve always been a routine person. Even if the routine isn’t the healthiest - I’ve stuck with it. I love routine, and thrive when I’m doing the same thing each and every day. Recently we’ve focused on creating healthy habits within our daily routine and I’ve noticed morning is the mecca for this change up.

A successful morning often leads to a successful day and I was sick of feeling exhausted by 10AM. I would wake up - watch dozens of Instagram Stories that made me feel incompetent, finally make my way downstairs for a cup of coffee, watch endless news programs and get to my desk only to feel behind before I’ve even started.

So where do you even begin?

This may sound crazy but I believe a successful morning begins with what you do before bed. Imagine waking up (likely exhausted) to a kitchen full of dishes, a messy living room, the feeling of dehydration and an empty fridge. Now imagine waking up to a clean space feeling energized and hydrated with a cup of coffee and a beautiful piece of fruit. This can make a massive difference for your morning and give you the energy you need for a productive day.

No matter how exhausted you are or how many glasses of wine you may have had - try to clean up. Pick up the main spaces by folding blankets, removing wine glasses from the coffee table, wiping the counters clean and setting the dishwasher on a timer.

Everyone is different but we try to drink about 100 oz of water a day. We start in the morning and step it up between 5-7PM. Hydrating too close to bedtime can be disruptive so find a “cut off” point and stick with it. Hydrating before that point can be a game changer for your body upon waking up. We sleep for 6+ hours without getting a sip of water and it can be taxing on our bodies. It’s important to set ourselves up for success by hydrating properly in the evening.

We take several supplements after years of me trying to convince Cory that they were pointless. I will admit - I started as a skeptic but now I can’t imagine why I waited so long to give my body what it obviously needed. Again, everyone is different and Cory takes his supplements in the morning but I swear by taking them before bed. My stomach isn’t the best when I first wake up so evenings are a better fit for me. Looking at your day to day “symptoms” is a great way to start researching what supplements might be a good fit for your body.

Do you struggle with fatigue, dry skin, slow hair growth, stress, anxiety, etc.? Really dive in with the research and find a regime that will work for you.

Also consider where you live - we have limited sunlight in Upstate NY so Vitamin D has become a must for us.

Some of my favorite supplements are:

  • Folic Acid
  • Ashwagandha
  • Evening Primrose


Waking up knowing you’ve already taken steps to have a healthy body is a great feeling and can be a huge mood booster.

In addition to the supplements we also take a shot of apple cider vinegar followed by water every evening (some research says mornings are better). We’ve found this works for us and helps keep us energized the next day.

Sleep is obviously critical to a good morning which is why having a restful space is so important. We make our bed every morning and focus on maintaining a minimal space. We frequently donate and repurpose anything we can to keep a clean space especially in our room. We also have a specific diffuser blend that we use only at night so we associate the scent with rest.

Before falling asleep, I mentally run through a list of everything I’m grateful for and what went well throughout the day. I find ending the day with gratitude has helped promote better sleep and boosted my mood upon waking up. I also start my morning with gratitude and try to keep a journal next to my bed for writing down good thoughts upon waking up.

Having things in place for a productive morning is hugely important. I recommend staying organized with groceries and toiletry items as a way to reduce stress and keep the good vibes flowing. Make sure you have the essentials and try to plan ahead as much as possible.

Do you take steps before bed to make your mornings easier? Share them with us in the comments!

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