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What's Your Morning Routine?

Posted by Molly Williams on

What's Your Morning Routine? by  Molly Williams

I’ve written blogs in the past about morning routines, and often they paint a beautiful picture of the “perfect” morning. While I try my best - my mornings aren’t often perfect. I started to wonder why it was so hard to find a steady routine in the morning, and if others felt the same way. I decided to ask a few people in my life what their mornings looked like which quickly became one of the most interesting questions I’ve ever asked.

You know your family, and friends so well but do you know their morning routine?

What started as general intrigue quickly became an amazing testament to how we are each so different, and why the start of our day needs to be specific to us individually. Basically I realized I wasn’t unusual in that my mornings aren’t necessarily perfect, and that everyone is working through their morning in a different way.

Ready to read what they said?

“When I first thought about my “morning routine” I thought, I don’t really have one each day is different. Then I realized, after talking with my sister, that maybe I do have a bit of a routine and I have come to actually treasure and value it. Mornings have always been my favorite time of day. Filled with potential and promise, an inherent restart I love the newness and promise of it and if it’s sunny it feels like bliss. I have embraced my mornings even more in the last couple of years, owning the fact that for me I do need some consistency even if my job is all over the place or if I am traveling or whatever the case may be. I used to think traveling meant to completely surrender to the new experience, disregarding any normalcy. Then I realized I enjoy travel a heck of a lot more and can better go with the flow while doing so if I have some pieces of my morning ritual present in the trip. I would say 9 out of 10 mornings, the one exception being I didn’t plan or was somewhere where I couldn’t get it, I wake up and drink lemon water. It starts my day with a zing and makes me feel so good.  It instantly uplifts and kickstarts my energy and being. Then of course coffee. There will be afternoons or nights that I am just thinking, man I cannot wait for that cup of coffee tomorrow. Drinking coffee to me is one of life’s greatest pleasures. I worked at a coffee shop for over ten years and love the culture and act of drinking coffee. Espresso roasts and dark blends are my favorite. The darker the bean the less the caffeine, I would drink coffee all day if I could but I would be a nervous worthless wreck if I did that so I have to really be careful. The art of preparing the cup, the chosen method, my favorite being the French press although lately I have been dabbling with a percolator my Mom gifted me a couples summers ago from an antique shop in the Catskills we popped in to. I also love choosing the mug I am going to drink from, seasonal, mood the whole thing. I check my phone and then try to leave it somewhere and read 50 pages of whatever book I am reading. Then I listen to NPR, I didn’t have a TV for ten years so now even if I am around one I still just listen to Morning Edition on NPR every morning because I got into the habit of it and they do such an incredible job. I think rituals give structure and meaning to my day. And while I try to greet whatever might be happening with an open heart and sense of possibility, that consistency helps keep me grounded.”


“My weekend routine is dependent on how many people are staying and what I’m making for breakfast. I usually set my alarm for 5:45 am and hit snooze once or twice (so bad I know!) Once I’m out of bed I get myself ready and then head upstairs and get to work. Luckily, I’m a morning person and don’t need coffee to get me going.  I do a quick tour through the house to make sure everything is ok and turn off all the outside lights (gotta conserve energy!) Then I start getting breakfast ready around 6:30. I’ll chat with guests coming downstairs for coffee, all while getting breakfast going. At 8:30 breakfast is served, and most guests finish eating around 9.  Sometimes guests will chat with each other at the table for a bit or they might run back to their room before heading out for the day. I clean up from breakfast, (eating leftovers as I go) and if guests are gone I’ll check their rooms and refresh them as needed. Then I get about two hours of “me time” – I hit the gym, come back home and shower. The rest of the day is spent cleaning, answering emails, doing laundry, prepping breakfast for the next day and whatever else needs to be done.”


“My routine in a perfect world: Get up at 5:00am feed Ollie, limited ingredient diet, one can of wet, and one cup of his dry portioned food. Mediate with Headspace 5-10 minutes, work on a passion project until 6, music, website or business development, workout from 6-7 (inside: treadmill or weightlifting / outside: bicycle, walking or swimming), get ready for work 7-8, leave at 7:30 or at 8. I usually don’t eat breakfast just fish oil, ginkgo Bilbo, multivitamin, and coffee - brewed in a pot usually something local or “fancy” that we haven’t had before. Then we drive half an hour in my Honda Insight Hybrid. Most days listening to NCPR to catch up on news but if my better half has had enough of it whatever music sounds good that morning. Some months we listen to a audible book on Audible. What usually happens: wake up at 7-730, feed Ollie, get ready for work and go!”


“I set alarm for 5, snooze til 5:30. I contemplate around 5:40 if I should eat or shower. I down three shots of espresso, feed the dogs, eat avocado toast, and quick try to curl my hair while listening to NPRs five minute news summary. At 6:20 I start playing Disney music to wake up Gwen. Then brush her teeth and dress her in bed. Then convince her to go potty and walk out door.”


“Every morning I get up at 5 (after I hit the snooze at 4:30, 4:40, 4:50, and 4:55). That gives me time to make my to do list for the day, get laundry started, pack lunches, make Shaun's breakfast before he leaves for work, and prep my baking materials for the day. I generally have two cups of tea before I wake the girls up at 7. From 7-8:10 it's a madhouse! Two different breakfasts, finding the "perfect" outfits, getting teeth brushed and faces washed, making sure their hair is brushed and tangle free (this is no small task), backpacks packed, dogs fed, bedrooms tidied with lights off....Then work starts at 8:15 with another cup of tea.”


What is your morning routine? Tell us in the comments!

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