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What Does Sustainability Have To Do With Handmade?

Posted by Molly Williams on

What Does Sustainability Have To Do With Handmade? by  Molly Williams
Have you ever wondered why we talk about sustainability so much? Or said, “Is a blog about waste free living really related to buying handmade products?” It’s true - they seem like two completely different things but here’s our connection to both and why we often parallel sustainability with handmade products.

We believe handmade purchases are more intentional than mass produced purchases. Handmade purchases require a skilled artisan, and time which typically means the quality is better. Mass produced purchases are often manufactured in an assembly line with as few people employed, and as quickly as possible which means the quality often is not so great. Purchases that are handmade may be a bit more expensive, so you are likely to think about it more cautiously as well. Once you commit, you have will have contributed to a job and purchased something that will last for years to come.

Long lasting purchases are considered sustainable.

We created Millennial Currency with the hope of shedding a light on small businesses across the country, and the commitment they make everyday to contribute to their community. When we started featuring small businesses, we realized the best way to the help them was to create a platform that gave their products as much exposure as possible. The outcome being growth for the business owners and more accessible high quality products for consumers. The bonus at the time that has since become our focal point - most handmade products are made with natural ingredients or sustainably sourced materials.

So we decided to build a better planet by brokering better products.

Society went from having their shoes made by a shoemaker, dresses sewn by a seamstress, food provided by a farmer to consuming inexpensive mass produced goods. We went from knowing the names of the people that produced our goods to not knowing what country a product was even manufactured. We see this as a major disconnect amongst consumers, and one that has resulted in a wasteful society.

Millennial Currency’s mission has evolved since its creation, and learning more about sustainability is a integral part of our growth. We want to make it easy for our customers to make real connections with the products they are purchasing, and live their most sustainable life as well. It is that message that has encouraged us to write, share, and focus on building a better planet as we showcase our handmade shop to the world.

We thank you for being a part of Millennial Currency, and we look forward to being a guide and a marketplace for your sustainable journey.

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