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Thrifting For Fall Decor

Posted by Molly Williams on

Thrifting For Fall Decor by  Molly Williams

Fall in Upstate NY is pretty incredible. The changing of the leaves paints the most beautiful backdrop, apple cider pressed at local orchards fills the air, and it’s cool enough to resurrect your sweaters without having to put on the full parka yet.

Fall is one of the most special times for our area which is why decorating in preparation is always so fun.

Years ago I started building my “Pottery Barn Fall” collection, and would save up for a few pieces each year. My definition of Fall decor was simple - pumpkins or pumpkin related items.

I had always been a fan of vintage or second hand pieces with most of our furniture being bought at auction but I never thought about thrifting for holiday decor. My scope of decorating for the holidays was limited, but it occured to me as I was staring at a set of beautiful orange teacups and saucers that I could blend my love of thrifting with decorating for Fall.

Thrifting For Fall Decor

Where do you begin?

Spring, and Summer are all about bright colors. We love to have fresh florals, tons of bright green tones, and everything is alive. Fall is all about the transition to Winter which means things are bit more muted, and soft.

Be on the lookout for neutral pieces - vases, glassware, paintings, etc. I also love wood tones for Fall, and Winter so if you’re lucky enough to find bowls, or cutting boards I say go for it.

Thrifting For Fall Decor

My biggest rule: if you find anything copper it’s a good day. Copper is perfect for Fall, and can be styled in a lot of different ways.

Thrifting For Fall Decor

Fall doesn’t have to mean orange, or brown so don’t be afraid to look at pieces that a bit more moody (plum, and deep red tones are great). If color isn’t your thing - this is a great time to go neutral. I personally am obsessed with black and white buffalo check this year which is great for maintaining a semi neutral home.

You’ve found a few good pieces. Now what?

Once you’ve got your stash of vases, and glassware instead of filling them with eucalyptus stems or something green - go dead. Fall is again about the transition so find a few empty branches to put in your vases.

Thrifting For Fall Decor

Swap any bright colored mugs, and pitchers for your new thrifted pieces. Store your usual glassware in the meantime (it’s also fun to give things a break and mix it up).

If you can - change up your paintings or artwork. You can find some great pieces for a few dollars at thrift stores, and it can create an entirely differently look in your space.

If you aren’t opposed to thrifted blankets or pillow covers that’s a fun way to mix it up as well.

Thrifting For Fall Decor

A good thing to keep in mind with thrifting is everything has a vibe to it, and often a smell. If you aren’t getting a good vibe (no matter how perfect the piece is) just let it go, and don’t bring into your home. Fall is all about smell so don’t be afraid to make that a priority as you decorate, and that will help your new pieces adjust to their second home as well. Essential oils, candles, and carpet powders can help set the tone for your Fall home.

How do you decorate for Fall? Will you incorporate thrifted decor this year? Let us know in the comments!

Thrifting For Fall Decor

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