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Power of Video in Business

Posted by Molly Williams on

Power of Video in Business by  Molly Williams

For those of you that don’t know - Cory and I currently operate two businesses. In addition to Millennial Currency we also run a boutique production company in Upstate New York. If you’ve followed us for a while you may have seen some of our short social promos or Daily Video Blogs through our YouTube channel. I developed my love of filmmaking when I was just twelve years old and decided to pursue it professionally as a Summer job while attending college. After graduating, the production company became my full time job and later Cory’s as well.

A topic we get asked about a lot is the use of video for businesses and how to use film as a tool in growing your social following.

Last Spring, Cory and I were asked to speak professionally on this topic and it was eye opening to see how many businesses weren’t using video in their marketing. When I asked business owners why they hadn’t considered or implemented it - I was immediately met with concerns about the cost.

“How can I possibly afford to hire a cinematography team?”

I get it! Real talk I know our services are expensive but that’s also after years of experience seeing the results video can lend to a business or social account.

When considering investing in a course, workshop, professional photography, or anything else - I always ask myself will I make that investment back. Say a workshop is several thousand dollars I have to ask myself how logical that it is that I would be able to book enough clients as a result of the lessons learned. Will the cost outweigh the benefit? Sometimes it is simply too expensive, but other times I realize it’s an investment that will undoubtedly be worth it. Video may be that investment for you, or it may just be too costly at this point in your business.

Here’s the deal - video content is on the rise. They predict in 2019 that over 85% of social media content will be driven by video. That’s huge!

Video is becoming critical to businesses that rely on social media as a way of being seen by followers. There are statistics after statistics showing that people pay more attention to video content than anything else online. We simply can’t get enough of it, and not jumping in is likely going to negatively impact your marketing.

So you can’t hire a team at this stage but you don’t want to miss out on all of this traffic either? Good news - you can do it yourself!

I’ve tested video marketing extensively and I’m happy to share my brilliant results. VIDEO IS VIDEO IS STILL VIDEO. Meaning it doesn’t necessarily matter if you have the best equipment or the most gorgeous lighting as long as you are putting content out there.

We have thousands of dollars of professional cinematography equipment but our daily video blogs shot on our iPhones sometimes outperform our professional promos. People are attracted to raw and authentic imagery which is why LIVE videos are becoming increasingly popular.

Molly Williams Embarrassing Moments

Cost isn’t an excuse. If you have a Facebook account you likely have the ability to go LIVE and if you have an Instagram account you can be sharing Instagram Stories daily. They are free . 99 tools that I use regularly and have had tremendous success with.

Facebook & Instagram have a giant new focus and it’s all about personal content that can easily be shared. Guess what Facebook & Instagram believe is personal content that can easily be shared? Video.

So why isn’t every business using video? One word and it’s fear. I’ve seen fear take over even the strongest entrepreneurs I’ve worked with. They are worried about appearances, fumbling over words, not coming across in the “perfect” way, or just failing. People get nervous, and they let that fear take over their decision to be on camera.

I get that too. People see Cory and I on camera quite a bit but they don’t realize that we’ve also had a lot of practice. During my first LIVE video I started sweating so bad I had to take off a layer and I never wanted to do it again. The more I was in front camera the easier it became. Just like any skill - it takes time and practice. And by the way, I still get nervous and I still hesitate a little bit every single time I post a video.

The best way to start is to start.

Try as many things as you can, and find what works for you. Start shooting Instagram Stories throughout the day, go LIVE on Facebook with a list of common questions about your business, film your work process on your phone (soapmaking, baking, writing, etc) and upload it to your YouTube channel. Or if you have ever considered hiring a video team - now is most definitely the time.

The more visible you are the more easily you can be seen.

Algorithms across the board are saying video is in and the good news is we have so many tools to make that happen.

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Have a question about video, editing, or the process? Write it in the comments and we will get back to you!

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