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Pour Over Coffee

Posted by Molly Williams on

Pour Over Coffee by  Molly Williams

Have you heard about pour over coffee? It’s an increasingly popular Japanese coffee technique that is taking the internet by storm.

Pour over coffee is a work of art for coffee snobs and connoisseurs. It’s a way of having control over every aspect of the coffee making process and for those of us that don’t care - it makes a really strong cup of coffee.

Coffee enthusiasts can select, grind, and brew their own coffee while controlling elements like water temperature and grind sizes. To get started - you need 3 things.

After you add your coffee into the filter you slowly pour hot water over it. Get it - Pour Over.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and this coffee is far from instant. It takes a little time but the taste and strength has been said to be “superior” to other brewing methods. Not only is the experience Instagram Story worthy, but it’s a way of extending your coffee palate.

Grind sizes do matter when it comes to taste. A coarse grind will create a faster drip rate as opposed to a fine grind that is much slower. The coarser the grinds the weaker and sour the coffee. The finer the grinds the harsher the taste and it can be quite bitter. You want to find a balance and create that perfect medium grind. You’ve heard the expression practice makes perfect and that definitely applies here.

If you want to really step up your game, take notes. Test your water temperature and periodically stop every 30 seconds to let the carbon dioxide escape all while writing down what taste you preferred. Don’t forget to rinse your paper filter prior to starting to alleviate that paper taste as well.

Want to know more? Check out Cory’s demo using our Copper Pour Over and get started brewing with yours.

We are taking you behind the scenes too! 


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