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Pet Psychics & Animal Communication

Posted by Molly Williams on

Pet Psychics & Animal Communication by  Molly Williams

On New Year’s Eve, my cat Mickey disappeared. As an indoor / outdoor cat, he’s notorious for going on long adventures but stays pretty close to home in the winter months.

At his request - we let him out first thing in the morning and by lunchtime we started to worry. It was a freezing cold day. I mean literally by 7PM it was -30 degrees Fahrenheit, and he was nowhere to be found. We walked the neighborhood block on repeat as our eyelashes froze shut. We knocked on doors, followed tracks, and could not find him anywhere. The guilt quickly set in, and I felt horrendous about letting him out in the first place.

Mickey of Millennial Currency

How could I have been so careless?

Out of desperation, I started posting in every possible Facebook group I could find. Did it matter that the group was based in California? I just wanted him to come home. Shortly after posting - I was in touch with a pet psychic that said she could possibly help. Though I’m fairly open minded I wasn’t totally convinced but I was willing to try anything. She had me send a photo, a bit of information, and told me to stand by.

Pet Psychics & Animal Communication

Pet Psychics & Animal Communication


Within the timeframe Megan Caper gave us - Mickey arrived home safe and sound. It was what I believe to be a miracle as I’m sure he wouldn’t have survived the cold.

At that moment, I decided I wanted to learn more about animal communication and pet psychics. I went back to Megan Caper a few months later, and decided to ask her my burning questions about how it all works.

Q. Did you always know you could communicate with animals or is it a learned skill?

I didn’t realize the way I communicate with animals was special until I started taking classes to develop my psychic abilities, but looking back I realize it was always there.

After taking some training I was able to make a clear connection and have more of a “conversation” with animals, but even before that I always knew what my pets were feeling or what they needed. But I just thought everyone could do that! I didn’t realize I was picking up information that not everyone could.

The first time I had an inkling that I had a special way of communicating with animals was with one of my childhood pets.

When I was about 8-years-old, our family dog, Sam, was diagnosed with terminal heart disease. I remember one night soon after, my mom and dad called my downstairs and out to the patio. They told me Sam was dying and that I should say goodbye.

Now, I should back up a bit and say that Sam had been the “baby” of the family until I came along. Sam had always been jealous of me and had avoided me to the point where she wouldn’t even look at me. She had always been very standoffish and had never been affectionate with me, unlike with the rest of the family.

She was too weak to move at this time and had just been lying there motionless for a few hours. I remember I knelt down and put my hand on her shoulder and I sent this thought to her in my mind, “I’m sorry I took away attention from you. I’ve always loved you, you are a good dog, and it’s okay if you need to go.”  Sam hadn’t moved a muscle in hours, but she lifted her head to look at me, wagged her tail a few times, then she put her head back down and passed away. I knew she had heard me telepathically and that was her response

Q. What kinds of services do you offer?

I offer Animal Communication services where I can “chat” with your pet about any emotional, behavioral or other issues they bring up. Most people contact me as a result of a transition, like a move to a new house, or a new addition to the family, such as a new pet or a baby.  Your pets are obviously impacted by these type of changes and can act out if they don’t feel heard or like their needs are being met. I can help facilitate that communication with them so they feel better about the situation.  Or sometimes people just want to check in, tell their pets they love them, and see what they have to say for themselves!

I also offer Medical Intuitive services where I find out what’s causing a medical condition and the best way to treat it. I offer this service for both people and animals. Using both my psychic abilities and my medical training,  I’ve found that I can “see” illness and other disorders in people’s bodies in my mind’s eye. It’s like I have an MRI or x-ray machine in my head and I can scan the affected system to determine the issue.

Q. Can you communicate with all breeds and species of animals?

Yes! So far, I haven’t met a breed or species that I couldn’t communicate with.

Q. Is one type of animal easier to communicate with?

Not really. Different species have different ways of communicating, but so far I have been able to establish a connection with all of them.

Q. How do animals communicate with you? With words, pictures, flashes, etc?

Animals communicate with me through words, feelings, and pictures -- most often a combination. I can usually have a back and forth conversations where I send them questions telepathically and they answer me. Also, I get still pictures and mini-movies in my head when they want to show me something visually. Animals don’t use language to communicate in the same way humans do, so sometimes I’ll get an image with a feeling or just a simple sentence with a movie.

Q. Does the communication sound like a voice in your head or someone speaking to you?

I’ll hear my own voice as I’m thinking of a question and then I’ll hear their voice in response.

Q. What is a funny story of an animal communication experience?

I was working with a puppy that was having a lot of trouble with potty training. He would walk right up to one of his parents, pee a little on the floor and then just stare at them. They couldn’t figure out what was going on! When I connected to him, he told me that in order to go play outside, all he had to do was pee! It turned out that his owners were using the technique of simply picking him up and placing him outside when he started to pee in the house, without scolding him or telling him “no”. But what  the puppy had learned was that if you pee in the house, you get to go outside and play! They changed up their method of potty training and the problem stopped.

Q. What is a happy story?

Well, I do like the story where Mickey came home to you!

I’ve helped a number of rescued pets who have come from pretty bad circumstances. I like being able to help them adjust and let them know they’re safe now. Many times, they don’t understand that this is their forever family because they’ve been shuffled around so much. I can also send them some energy healing to help heal the trauma, so that’s also a nice benefit. Basically, I’m a sucker for any lost soul, animal or human, so anytime I can help someone find their way and feel safe and loved, that’s a happy ending to me.

Q. Are some animals more willing to communicate than others?

Just like people, some animals are more open than others and some are more closed off and guarded. Pets do tend to take after their owners, so I’ve found that guarded people tend to have more guarded pets.

Q. What do you wish people knew about pet psychics or animal communicators?

I think there’s a misconception about psychics that we can just look at you (or your pet) and know everything. It’s the trope of the psychic who can look into a crystal ball and “see all”. For me and other psychics I know, we need to have specific questions in order to get good psychic information.  So people who come into sessions with me and say, “just tell me about my cat!” aren’t going to get readings that are as good as those who come in ask, “Why is my cat peeing on the carpet by the back door all the time?” I tell people that the more specific they can get with their questions, the more specific I can get with my answers.

Q. Do you have any advice for pet owners - something that animals try to communicate often?

My advice would be to sit down and talk to them about any upcoming events or transitions that may be happening. We are all a little psychic (I believe it’s a skill anyone can develop) and when you talk to your pets they’re picking up more than just the words you’re saying. So, tell them that they are going to the vet and what will happen there. Tell them that you’re going on a vacation in  a few weeks, how long you’ll be gone and who will be feeding them and taking care of them. Tell them if you’ll be moving or bringing home a new pet. Just like people, animals don’t like situations where they don’t know what’s going to happen to them. If you went to the doctor with no idea of what tests or shots you were going to get and no way to ask, wouldn’t you be freaked out? Or if you woke up and your spouse was gone and you didn’t know when they’d be back, that would be a little unnerving, right? Tell them the information they need to know to understand the situation and feel like they know what’s going to happen to them.

Q. What would you say to skeptics?

Oh, I’m the biggest skeptic. I’d like to think I’m an open-minded skeptic, but I’m a skeptic for sure. I came from a family of chemists and doctors and I was raised on the idea of evidence based experimentation, so I believed that if you couldn’t put it in a test tube and observe it change color, it didn’t count. However, once I started to have multiple psychic experiences that went way beyond the probabilities of coincidence, I had to stop and question my own beliefs.

The thing is, we used to think the world was flat. We used to think that “miasma” fumes from trash on the street caused cholera. We still believe that time only moves forward and at a steady pace even though we know that’s not true, because that’s the only way we can perceive time with our senses.

It’s important not to believe absolutely everything you think and be open to questioning your own “truth” about how the world works.

Mickey of Millennial Currency

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