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Messy Dining Room to Minimal Dreams

Posted by Molly Williams on

Messy Dining Room to Minimal Dreams by  Molly Williams

It all started with painting the porch, and then I decided the den could use an update too. From there - the dining room needed new paint and a transformation. It’s been the summer of improvements, and we’ve loved every second of it.

Throughout the dining room process I had a couple of ideas in mind. I wanted to update the space without spending a fortune. My hope was to create a clean, and comfortable vibe for one of the most important rooms in our home. I had seen us stop using the dining room within the last year, and it starting to become more of collection of all of our random stuff. I grew up eating dinner every night at the table with my family, and I knew it was important to make that a priority again.

We started by matching the den’s Mountain Peak White by Benjamin Moore, and painting the trim pure white. We also decided to leave the chair rail it’s natural wood color to break up the wall from the wainscoting. In the process we found a farmhouse round table locally through the Facebook marketplace, and decided that it would open up the room a little more than our current table which was quite long and bulky. True to my love of Scandinavian design I decided I wanted to paint the table white. We polled our Instagram followers and it sparked a heated debate but painting the table white ultimately won.

Painted White Round Table

The room took 3 solid coats of paint, and the table ended up taking 5. We opted to not use chalk paint for the table, and instead picked Benjamin Moore Advance plain white with satin finish because our local hardware store (shoutout to Coakley's in Canton, NY) carried it and it was self-leveling. Cory painted a coat a day allowing for a full 24 hours before adding more paint. We could have probably gotten away with just 4 coats, but we were glad we added the last one because it seemed to really finish it off.

In decor details - we had never had a pendant light in the room because there is no electrical for it. We found a great industrial bowl pendant light with a plug in option from Wayfair, and fell in love with the matte black finish against the white of the room. We also purchased a round 6’ handwoven area rug from Wayfair that had a blend of colors on top of white which we hoped would add color back into the room while keeping with the clean intention we had.

Dining Room Renovation

We had picked out black mid-century modern chairs from Westelm for the table, but had ultimately held off because they were backordered. It ended up being a blessing because we fell in love with the way our old chairs looked against the table. We found the wood chairs pulled the tones of the floor and chair rail out more than we would have expected. It’s also nice to use what we already have, and to save a little money in the process.

Dining Room Renovation

We installed our coffee shelf (a wedding present from Etsy) back into the room, and added our massive pothos hanging plant to the room. I’m still not sure about stretching the plant throughout the walls, but I love the color it adds.

Coffee Shelf

The best news is - we captured the whole thing for you! Check out our video, and let us know what you think of the update!

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