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Hydration Challenge

Posted by Molly Williams on

Hydration Challenge by  Molly Williams

If you follow our day to day life on Instagram or Facebook - you may have noticed we recently took a trip to Belize. We were so fortunate to spend time in the protected rainforest of Mountain Pine Ridge, and visit our friends in the ocean in San Pedro. Living in such a extreme cold climate can be taxing on your physical, and mental health which is why trips to warm areas are immensely important. The sun, fresh food, and water was beyond restorative and we want to keep the party going with a wellness challenge back at home.

We’ve written a lot of health and wellness articles, and the most constant recommendation is to keep your body hydrated. It seemed only fitting that we lead our first wellness challenge with hydration being the focus. Each individual is unique so be sure to look into the exact amount of water you should be consuming based on your fitness level, age, height, and weight. Here's a chart to help you get started (add 12 ounces of water per 30 minutes of exercise as well). 

For the first step of the Hydration Challenge we want you to find your favorite reusable water bottle, and share it with us! (#mchydrates). If you don’t have one this is the perfect excuse to invest in a water bottle that will last. We’ve talked about Nalgene (Made in the USA), and Corkcicle in the past but there are thousands of high quality options available. Regardless if you are purchasing a new bottle or using one you already have - make sure it’s BPA free and non-toxic. Glass bottles are a great reusable option as well if you aren’t someone that is constantly on the go. Once you’ve shared your water bottle with us, it’s time to get started.

Throughout the challenge we recommend using an app, rubber bands, or some sort of tracking device to keep your water logged throughout the day. It’s easy to lose track, and can lead to discouragement. It’s important to keep your focus, and motivation up. Here are a few app recommendations - Plant Nanny, Hydro Coach, Waterlogged, and Aqualert!

The hydration challenge will be to reach your water goal every single day, but also incorporating a mindfulness component as well. Everyday we will share questions, and posts to help get you in a positive mindset.

Are you ready for Day One? Comment below to let us know if you are participating! 

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