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How to Break a Bad Mood

Posted by Molly Williams on

How to Break a Bad Mood by  Molly Williams

I’m the type of person that is either in a great mood or a terrible one. I don’t often feel “eh” and when I do it’s usually because I’m in need of a serious nap. My terrible moods stem from building stress and often a lack of consistency. For most of my life I thought if I was in a bad mood my day was pretty much just that, and I never knew how to just snap out of it. As I’ve gotten older, and busier - I find it harder and harder to blame things on a bad day. I couldn’t use my low energy mood as an excuse to not be productive, and I was tired of being in a constant circle with stress.

Summer is often a bit busier for us so I decided to learn a few ways to instantly boost my mood so I could easily bounce back from tough phone calls, meltdowns, and setbacks. While some aren’t enough on their own I really notice a difference when I do a few in a row, or incorporate them on a day to day to keep my spirits up.

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  1. Make your bed.

You spend almost a third of your life in your bedroom so it’s definitely going to play a role in how you feel on a daily basis. Making your bed in the morning allows for a productive start to the day, and can be a huge motivator to keep the rest of the room clean.

  1. Have a huge cup of water.

Each and every morning I fill my same mason jar with ice cold water. Sometimes I add lemon, or fresh herbs and I sip it throughout the morning with my aluminum straw. If I feel myself getting overwhelmed, or feeling tired I fill it back up and take a break while I enjoy another full glass. Sometimes I sit by the window, or if I can I’ll sit outside. Not only is staying hydrated hugely important for your body but taking a second to sit quietly and regroup can help reduce stress and combat burnout.

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  1. Ask for help.

After reading a few of Gabby Bernstein’s books I found myself literally talking to the universe like, “I don’t know why this is happening but I’m sure you have a plan and I’m trusting that.” While it seemed a bit awkward at first I quickly noticed a difference of how I felt afterwards. I’ve found asking the universe, god or whoever for help when you are experiencing a low mood can be a huge boost. I often just say, “I’m in a bad mood, and I would really like help getting out of it please.” Surprisingly it works! I think taking the full responsibility off of me helps combat the stress, and change my perspective a bit.

  1. Give a little.

Nothing brings me joy like treating, or surprising others! I love making people smile - especially people I don’t really know. One of my favorite things to do is pay for someone’s coffee behind me in line, donate, or pick up a little gift for someone. Even if you don’t have a lot of extra spending money - write someone a card! I used to write cards to people almost everyday, and I loved experiencing the boost it gave me. Giving is a great energy, and mood booster.

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  1. Time to move.

One of my favorite ways to beat bad moods is to walk, garden or dance. I find when I’m moving it’s a lot harder to complain! When I work long hours at my desk I often take “dance breaks” and dance around my office for one song on my record player. I also spend about 20 minutes each morning watering my garden, cutting herbs, and picking up the yard. Moving is a great way to change up a mood, and it’s good for your health too!

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What’s your favorite way to break a bad mood?

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