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Everything You Need To Know About Stainless Steel Straws

Posted by Molly Williams on

Everything You Need To Know About Stainless Steel Straws by  Molly Williams

If you haven’t heard of the stainless steel straw movement - here it is! According to ChooseToGoStrawless we use 500,000,000 plastic straws a day which is why it’s one of the top 10 ten marine debris items in the world.

As consumers we rarely think twice when we get a plastic straw with our ice coffees, or when it’s put in our glass at a restaurant but as a result of many global campaigns people are demanding alternatives. One major alternative being stainless steel straws!

Not only are stainless steel straws reducing our plastic waste, but they are actually considered a healthier alternative for you because they don’t contain Bisphenol A or BPA. Stainless steel straws are considered reusable, relatively easy to clean, and entirely safe to use (that includes little ones as they aren’t fragile like glass straws)!

Another plus that I’ve found with the stainless steel straws is they allow for temperature retention, and keep liquids colder or warmer for a little longer than the norm which is nice. They also don’t retain certain flavors or odors so it’s easy to switch from a smoothie with one quick wash to a glass of water.

Many restaurants have started cracking down on their plastic straw usage, and only give a straw when the customer requests it. Some have even started giving out stainless steel straws for consumer use!

So what are the complaints?

Just like reusable shopping bags, and other alternatives - it’s hard to form a new habit. We have become so accustomed to receiving straws that it takes time to start denying the habit. Also for someone that’s never used a metal straw it can be an adjustment, and be somewhat of a new experience. They are often colder or warmer than typical and can be hard on sensitive teeth. Perhaps the biggest complaint is we’ve got a lot of thoughts going on in our brains, and it’s difficult to remember to bring along a stainless steel straw every time you leave the house.

My recommendation is to invest in a couple of high quality stainless steel straws (like the made in the United States options in our shop) and start using them at home to get adjusted to the habit. After a few days put one or a couple in your car for road trips, and random stops.

My personal experience with stainless steel straws has been great. I love using mine, and find it to be helpful in getting my daily water intake. I’ve put a few in the car for traveling, and while I’m not perfect I do try to reduce my plastic straw use as much as possible. I have a few different lengths, and bent vs. non-bent which helps in making sure I always have one that fits for my drink.

Stainless Steel Straws

What do you think? Do you use stainless steel straws or will you try using them? 

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  • In an auto accident they can also be forced through the back of your Throat causing serious damage or even death as a plastic straw will collapse just a reminder for anyone especially with children

    Brad on

  • I purchased a couple of sets but I mostly use the 2 that came in a kit with a stainless steel spoon, fork, knife and set of chopsticks. All conveniently tucked in a little purse sized pounch.

    Dolthara on

  • I love them and my kids love them! I don’t find them to be a pain to use at all, highly recommend!

    Jessica on

  • I started using ss straws a few months a go. I love them! My sister is using them now as well 😊

    Diane Foote on

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