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DIY Sore Muscle Bath Soak

Posted by Molly Williams on

DIY Sore Muscle Bath Soak by  Molly Williams

About 3 months ago we made a big investment in a Peloton, and despite neither of us having any real biking experience - we decided to jump right in. We began the live stream classes immediately, and found ourselves barely able to walk down the stairs the next day. Things have improved since the initial few weeks, but we also started incorporating one thing in our post-bike routine that became an immediate game changer. A rosemary bath soak!

DIY Rosemary Salt Soak

Rosemary is famous for it’s muscle pain reducing properties which makes it perfect to use in a bath soak for sore muscles. It also has beast anti-inflammatory abilities to help soothe inflamed muscle tissue and aid in faster healing. Bathing in heated water has massive health benefits with even Hippocrates studying the potential of bathes back in the day so the combination is pretty much sheer bliss!

Himalayan salt is a great detox for your body, and promotes cell regeneration. It’s also great for reducing inflammation, and increasing blood circulation in the body which is why I picked it for the base of the soak.

DIY Rosemary Salt Soak

I’m always testing bath products for the store so I’ve had my fair share of experience with artisan bath soaks. I found it challenging to find the combination I was looking for so I decided to start testing my own recipes and quickly discovered my favorite! The best part is it’s just three simple ingredients.


DIY Rosemary Sore Muscle Soak

-Himalayan Salt 
-Dried Rosemary 
-Coconut Oil


You can’t really screw this up which is great for someone like me - I’m always pushing recipes. I purchase the himalayan salt from our local farmstand Martin’s Farmstand and usually buy about 2-4 pounds of it at a time.

DIY Rosemary Salt Soak

I use my own dried rosemary or purchase it from the farmstand (it’s also great if you can find fresh). The dried rosemary can be sprinkled and stirred into the salt mixture.

The coconut oil is optional, but I typically mix about 1 cup into a 4 pound mixture. Feel free to use more coconut oil or less and just pour it over the salt mixture slowly as you stir.

DIY Rosemary Salt Soak

There are ways to elevate the soak by adding lavender essential oil (or fresh), a zest of a lime, even adding dried lemon balm can be nice, or adding epsom salt too.

Things I wouldn’t recommend adding to salt soak are chemical based food colorings, or any citrus based essential oils (I experienced a small burn from dropping them directly into the bath).

This DIY option is great for repurposing old jars, or as an easy gift for friends! Despite trying so many expensive versions - I still love this one the best!

DIY Rosemary Salt Soak

Have you tried bath soaks? What is your favorite combination or essential oil? Share with us in the comments!

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